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Shinsengumi's Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Tv Review

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Rated: 8

As a whole, Zetsubou is a quirky and nonconformist series where the amalgamation of absurd situations, clever wordplay, witty humor, and quick-fire jokes come collide to create something that manages to be both amusing and addictive, if not particularly deep. At times, dwelling upon a single joke may make things drag a bit, but one can always expect something entirely random to spice things right back up. As noted previously, much of the humor revolves around inside jokes and wordplay, and as such those not particularly familiar with Japanese culture may fail to catch quite a bit of the more subtle or clever humor. Even so there is enough material there that even if viewers miss out on any given joke they're bound to catch another.

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Shinsengumi's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Nodame Cantabile

Rated: 8

Amongst anime, there are some series which invoke philosophical rumination and others that play to more visceral tendencies. Nodame Cantabile is neither, and nor does it pretend to be; it is nothing more than a light-hearted romantic comedy that finds the perfect balance of quirkiness, seriousness, and drama to keep one entertained and hooked through the course of twenty-three episodes that is simply enjoyable to watch. (Note: Potential side effects may include an inordinate desire to listen to classical music. Lots of it. End note.)

Bottom line: It's really one of those series that leaves you with a smile at the end.

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Shinsengumi's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Jigoku Shoujo

Rated: 7

As mentioned previously, Jigoku Shoujo has a very clever and original premise that it relies heavily upon. Unfortunately, overuse of this single concept makes the series tend towards what is essentially repetition, one of the two major complaints with the series. While this may be intentional, to add an added philosophical or religious aspect to the series, the consistent plot formula (albeit with occasional wrinkles tossed in) and recycled clips do eventually wear away at the great potential of the series. With the gradual inclusion of a unifying storyline, the plot is beginning to pick up and thus this weakness is starting to be alleviated, and therefore it is likely that in the remaining episodes the series will pick up and fully capitalize on its potential.

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Shinsengumi's Futakoi Tv Review

Rated: 7

What can I say? I enjoyed this series quite a bit, though I honestly wish that the dreary stretch could have been shortened somewhat. With its WTF LOL factor, the first episode really hooked me in, as it was such a well-executed blend of smooth action and wry humor that left me wanting more. Little touches always brought laughs, from the casual way that Sakurazuki, the old yakuza boss, lights his cigar with his blowtorch to the antics of the police duo.

One final note bears mention, and that is the word "alternative" appended to the series title. In short, Futakoi was a bad romantic anime with lots of twin girls.

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Shinsengumi's Gilgamesh Tv Review

Rated: 7

In the originality category, Gilgamesh certainly does extremely well, as it certainly sets forth a very intriguing world with interesting constraints and attributes in which its characters can interact. The plot and plot development are also excellent, though as noted above, the ending seems to simply sweep so many of the possibilities aside and really squander much of the setup done in the episodes leading up to the final confrontation.

The story also has a slight hint of incest to it. Certain scenes, especially, stand out as such if taken completely out of context. Also, throughout the series Tatsuya is suspected of having a sister complex. This element may be considered by some as being gratuitous and may easily sour for some what would otherwise be very compelling characters.

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Shinsengumi's Genshiken Tv Review

Rated: 8

Genshiken is brilliant because of the absolutely wide audience that can relate to and be enthralled by its premise and appreciate its execution. On one hand, self-styled otaku and more passive fans of Japanese popular culture will find it easy to relate to the members of Genshiken and will appreciate the often subtle references to well-known anime and games that pervade the series, the inside jokes, and of course the light-hearted and slightly self-parodying humor.

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Shinsengumi's Peacemaker Kurogane Tv Review

Peacemaker Kurogane

Rated: 8

One particular thing that worked well for Peacemaker Kurogane that will perhaps help it score extra credit amongst those interested in Japanese history is the subtle inclusion of historical people and events to the background that help add to the series and tie it to history. With the exception of Tetsu, his brother Tatsu, and perhaps one or two others, all of the Shinsengumi officers portrayed were historical people. For example, at one point, Isami Kondo, the commander of the Shinsengumi, is shown absently putting his fist in his mouth, something he was historically rumored to have been able to do.

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Shinsengumi's My-HiME Tv Review


Rated: 8

There have been plenty of other anime with cute girls, with cute girls with magical powers, and even cute girls with magical powers and mecha. But in few such anime does everything -- the plot, the character design, the humor, the music, etc. -- fit together so well to create an anime which on the surface or on paper may not sound particularly interesting, but which nonetheless manages to snag a viewer's interest from episode to episode.

Here is an anime where while the first episode might not captivate a viewer as much as, say, a Last Exile because of its originality, the setting and characters are set into place with minimum fuss early on such that the plot really takes off early on, and just keeps on getting better and better as the series progresses.

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